• Best of Realty 2022

    16. 11. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    We participated in the gala evening on the occasion of the announcement of the “Nejlepší z realit – Best of Realty” competition results. During the gala evening at Prague’s Forum Karlin on Tuesday 15th November, the results were announced and awards were given for the best projects in the Czech real estate market for the…

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  • Gentleman’s Company Finalists Workshop

    9. 11. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    On 8th November, the Gala Evening of the CZECH TOP 100 Ambassadors took place in the historical premises of the St. Agnes of Bohemia Monastery in Prague.  During the evening, Jan Zykmund, the director of the company Originální brambrůrky, was awarded. He received an honorary mention for his project of a sheltered workshop. The award…

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  • TPA donated a financial gift of CZK 100,000 to Nadační fond Rozum a Cit to support foster family care

    4. 11. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    TPA Consulting Company has donated a financial gift of CZK 100,000 to Nadační fond Rozum a Cit (the Rozum a Cit Foundation). The Rozum a Cit Foundation focuses on all-round assistance to foster families with the aim of enabling children to grow up in a safe, natural and stimulating environment. Part of the funds will…

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  • TPA PRAGUE OPEN 2022 – mixed pairs

    26. 10. 2022 Luboš Balek

    At the end of October another badminton tournament of the TPA PRAGUE OPEN series took place. This time it was a mixed pairs tournament, and in addition to the Czech TPA staff, 7 foreign pairs, namely from Slovakia and Austria, also took part in the tournament. However, the Czech representatives defended their colours in an…

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  • Changes to agreements on work outside the employment relationship

    24. 10. 2022 Jana Vítková

    The forthcoming amendment to the Labour Code brings changes to the regulation of agreements on work activity and agreements on work performance. Probably the most significant change is the entitlement to paid leave of employees working under an agreement. The method of calculating the entitlement will be identical to that of an employment relationship, i.e.,…

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  • Remarks from Energy Tomorrow 2022

    19. 10. 2022 Jiří Hlaváč

    Opening speaker explained and highlighted: impact of fossil fuels on inflation and relation to the war in Ukraine importance of green gas and electrification as well as energy saving programs and decarbonization support for energy transformation from EU level simplification of permissions for renewable energy present crisis must not overshadow long-term goals Key speaker Timo…

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  • M&A activity in CEE and Czech Republic – 3Q 2022

    17. 10. 2022 Jiří Hlaváč

    The CEE M&A market saw a slight decrease in activity in terms of the number of transactions, by approximately 10% in 3Q 2022, compared to the previous quarter. Despite the drop in the number of transactions, there was an increase in the number of transactions compared to the previous quarter. The volume was almost unchanged…

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  • Draft amendment to the Labour Code for the “Home Office”

    17. 10. 2022 Jana Vítková

    Currently, the amendment to the Labour Code is to introduce, among other things, the regulation of telework, so-called “Home office”. The performance of remote work will be possible on the basis of a written agreement between the employee and the employer. If an employee requests telework and the employer decides not to comply, the employer…

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  • Substance a benefit test

    11. 10. 2022 Lukáš Pěsna

    In the area of transfer pricing, there has been an increasing emphasis on meeting the substance and benefit test, which precedes the actual assessment of the transfer price. Under the substance test, the taxpayer has to be able to demonstrate that the services were actually provided. Under the benefit test, the taxpayer must demonstrate whether…

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  • Expo Real 2022

    7. 10. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    From 4 – 6 October 2022, the 24th edition of the EXPO REAL international trade fair for commercial real estate took place in Munich. Our partners Petr Karpeles and Jan Lamač were also present at the joint stand of TPA Group and Baker Tilly International.

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