• Are you ready for ESG?

    5. 6. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    On January 5, 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) came into effect. This new directive modernizes and strengthens the rules regarding social and environmental information that companies must disclose as part of non-financial reporting. According to the directive, starting from the calendar year 2024 (i.e., in 2025), companies will have to meet detailed requirements…

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  • The consulting firm TPA has launched Tax-Checker: A new tool for tax orientation in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe

    31. 5. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    The leading consulting firm TPA has launched a new website, It was created to help entrepreneurs and investors in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe navigate through all their tax obligations. Through a range of intuitively designed features, users can easily find information related to VAT, income tax, filing deadlines, tax rates, tax…

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  • To Work on a Bicycle 2023

    26. 5. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    In the May 2023 Bike-to-Work Challenge, a record-breaking 16 colleagues, both male and female, registered to commute to work, take their children to school, or go shopping using their own pedal power throughout the entire month of May.

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  • The Financial Administration is taking cryptocurrencies under the magnifying glass

    18. 5. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    The Financial Administration is aware that the taxation of cryptocurrencies is not clearly regulated in the law. It is also aware of the fact that there are many active cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the Czech Republic who sometimes fail to declare the income from their “crypto-investment” in their tax returns. The fact that the Financial Administration…

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  • Spring party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company

    9. 5. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    At the end of April, we celebrated 30 years since the establishment of our company together with our employees. The event took place at the premises of the Občanská plovárna and was carried out in Hollywood style. After the opening speech by Managing Partner Petr Karpeles, a cake was cut by the founders of the…

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    27. 4. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    We’re proud to share that we have been named the Best of the Best in the Tax & Finance Advisor category at the HOF Awards 2023, achieving this honor for the fifth time. The 8th annual HOF Awards Gala was held on April 26, 2023, at The Hotel Fitzgerald. The event showcased the Best of…

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  • Do you invest in cryptocurrencies?

    27. 4. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    The Czech Republic is a leader in the world of cryptocurrency innovation. The development of the global leader in hardware wallets or successful developments in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency mining or security of cryptocurrency operations, etc. speak for themselves. Did you know that the Czech Cryptocurrency Association (ČKMA), which brings together companies that are…

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  • Association of Exporters – XXVIII. Export Forum with the participation of TPA

    26. 4. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    On April 25, 2023, the XXVIII Export Forum organized by the Association of Exporters took place at the LH Parkhotel Hloboká nad Vltavou, this time focusing on the competitiveness of Czech exporters. TPA Czech Republic was one of the partners of this forum and Jan Soška, Partner TPA Tax s.r.o, gave a presentation on tax…

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  • Prague Property Forum 2023

    25. 4. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    We became a tax partner to the Prague Property Forum event, which took place at Cubex Centrum Praha. Petr Karpeles, Jan Lamač, Radek Stein and Tomáš Podškubka participated for TPA in the event. Prague Property Forum is the place to be for real estate professionals who want to take their business to the next level.…

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    24. 4. 2023 Ludmila Benešová

    Another tournament from the badminton series TPA PRAGUE OPEN took place at the end of April. This time, our employees competed in men’s and women’s doubles, with a significant representation from the Austrian TPA team. Due to the balanced quality of all participants, advancing from the group stage was not a given, and five-set battles…

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