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TPA at the Czech Valuation Forum 2022 conference

26. 5. 2022Ludmila Benešová

We have become partners of a professional conference focused on current topics in the field of valuation organized by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics (VŠE).

The primary objective was to connect business partners with the professional public, graduates and students of VŠE in the form of a professional conference. The secondary objective was to connect business and academia, to convey the perspective of experts in the field and to contribute to the long-term improvement of the quality of teaching at VŠE.

This year’s event featured presentations by leading Czech experts in transfer pricing from the ranks of valuers, tax advisors and government representatives. On behalf of TPA Group, the panel discussion was attended by partner Jiří Hlaváč, who is a professional valuer, tax advisor and auditor. Jiří took the audience through a case study on the topic of assessing a full-fledged business entity and explained how specifically to approach assessing the functional and risk profile of a company.

The following topics, among others, were discussed:

  • The interaction of the expert’s report with tax proceedings in the area of transfer pricing
  • When the preparation of an impartial expert opinion for transfer pricing is necessary and when it is, contrariwise, impossible or counterproductive
  • What an expert report on transfer pricing should contain and in which cases it is not possible to issue an expert report
  • Issues in the performance of expert activities
  • Transfer pricing perspective on intangible assets and group financing

Nearly 400 participants registered for the conference. The next edition is scheduled for 2023.

For more information on the conference and introductions of individual speakers, please visit the conference website:

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