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Valuation of real estate for various purposes

16. 1. 2023Jiří Hlaváč

Whether you need to value a property or assess the economic aspects related to a property for any purpose, our team of specialists is ready to prepare an adequate output for you.

Expert opinion

Valuation of real estate, technical appreciation or assessment of the amount of rent or payment for the use of real estate in the form of an expert opinion is in practice most often associated with litigation and arbitration. At the same time, some laws require the preparation of expert opinions for proceedings based on them or for actions based on them (e.g., Insolvency Act, Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act, Act on Conversions).

RICS expert assessment

Large multinational companies, but also international investors, require valuations in accordance with international standards, most often in accordance with the principles of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, as a basis for their decisions. There are only a few RICS-regulated firms in the Czech Republic that can produce such outputs.

Expert appraisal or expert opinion

It is prepared in cases where the property is not required to be valued by way of an expert opinion. The advantage is the possibility of processing this output primarily with an emphasis on the content of the matter and, conversely, the possibility of minimizing formal elements.

Indicative valuation

An indicative valuation is an outline valuation of the property or an assessment of other related areas, minimising the formal elements and parts of the output. The advantage is the speed of its preparation and its clear and concise form. It is a suitable basis for quick decisions.

Valuation report, expert opinion

If an assessment of a specific sub-area related to real estate is required, we will prepare an expert opinion on this matter. The evaluation report contains an evaluation of different possible approaches or procedures and a recommendation for the most appropriate one.


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