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Recertification ISO 27001 – Information security

11. 7. 2022Ludmila Benešová

Data security is an absolutely crucial issue for a consulting and accounting firm. We have always strived to offer our clients the utmost in service delivery and to use modern technology to transfer data between us. We have gradually moved away from exchanging information by email to more secure and sophisticated platforms (Entrio, HR Portal, TPA Portal). Access to our accounting clients’ accounting output directly through the Helios system is also a matter of course.

However, all of these services place significant demands on the security of our clients’ data stored with us, which is why three years ago we decided to certify our information security management system according to the ISO 27001 norm to minimize the likelihood of someone gaining illegal or unauthorized access to this data. Preparing for this certification was very challenging and required us to improve and refine our existing data security procedures.

The ISO 27001 standard requires an annual audit, which we have always passed successfully since then, and a full recertification is required after three years. We are delighted to have successfully completed this during June this year and to have regained this recognised certification. We can therefore guarantee that we manage our clients’ data with the utmost care with regard to its security and can, upon request, provide clients with a certificate or a declaration of applicability with more detailed information.


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