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23. 10. 2023Ludmila Benešová

At the end of October, another in a series of company badminton tournaments took place, specifically a mixed doubles tournament.

With the enthusiastic participation of colleagues from Slovakia and Austria, the tournament had a distinctly international character. Nevertheless, our representatives managed to dominate the final, in which Bára Sluková and Luboš Balk ultimately succumbed to Verča Kdolská and Rostík Senchuk. The bronze medal then went to our eastern neighbors, Verča Rajnohová and Jaro Dafčík, who, after an intense battle, defeated Dáša Votýpková and Tomáš Barton. Following the tournament, there was a traditional gathering at the well-known Hajnovce, which brought joy especially to fans of high-quality steaks.


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