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Remarks from Energy Tomorrow 2022

19. 10. 2022Jiří Hlaváč

Opening speaker explained and highlighted:

  • impact of fossil fuels on inflation and relation to the war in Ukraine
  • importance of green gas and electrification as well as energy saving programs and decarbonization
  • support for energy transformation from EU level
  • simplification of permissions for renewable energy
  • present crisis must not overshadow long-term goals

Key speaker Timo Leukefeld talked about and introduced possible solutions for following areas:

  • self sufficient buildings
  • limits of robots in households and society
  • 3D printers usage for building construction
  • different technology approaches in the future – surface of buildings will be used for generating energy or buildings will be constructed with thick walls
  • heating will be less important and cooling will be more important due to climate change
  • a lot of technology in the buildings means a lot of money (investment, technical support, maintenance, energy etc.)
  • new business models works with different building roofs (shape customized for solar energy + built just from solar parts) – i.e. not roof and separate solar panels
  • issue with a lack of skilled labor (no technicians understanding technology)
  • simplification of solutions in future projects
  • need of emergency energy source in case of blackout
  • solution can be applied for new buildings but we need to have solutions also for old (existing) buildings
  • the issue is not how to change people’s behavior but how to change buildings for people to live the way they wish

Renewable Energy – CEE overview and EU support

Hydrogen usage topic:

  • legal framework for this area and open issues from legal point of view
  • potentials, opportunities and limits

Conference page:

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