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The tenth annual Energy Tomorrow has passed

9. 9. 2021Jiří Hlaváč

The now jubilee tenth annual Energy Tomorrow conference took place in Vienna on 8th September. Jiří Hlaváč represented TPA Czech Republic.

Numerous interesting and inspiring thoughts were heard at the conference, from which we have chosen the following:

  • Consumers of energy are also becoming its producers, and conditions have to be set for this. In the future, one can expect the emergence of local energy associations, and energy will be shared among their members, as will investment costs.
  • According to newscaster Marcus Wadsak, a meteorologist well-known in the media, who appeared in the role of the main speaker, one has to start with oneself and pose the question, “What can I do to improve the trend of global warming?” He reminded us that there had been many situations this year that prove the seriousness of the situation – for instance, the highest historically-recorded temperature in Canada this summer – 49.6 degrees.
  • Subsidy programs have provided and will continue to provide new opportunities, especially in view of the high current prices of emission allowances and electricity as such (high prices change the conditions of advantageousness in renewable resources, especially in comparison with fossil fuels).
  • Certain countries in the CEE region have very ambitious plans – e.g., Austria wishes to increase by 2020 the volume of electrical energy production from renewable resources by 50 % (absolutely by 27 TWh).
  • An interesting case study was presented – the ecological real estate office project in Vienna utilizing the Danube to heat and cool the individual buildings.

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