• TPA at the Czech Valuation Forum 2022 conference

    26. 5. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    We have become partners of a professional conference focused on current topics in the field of valuation organized by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics (VŠE). The primary objective was to connect business partners with the professional public, graduates and students of VŠE in the form of a professional conference. The…

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  • TPA Valuation & Advisory prepared a valuation and financial plan for GreeenTech

    11. 4. 2022 Ludmila Benešová

    TPA Valuation & Advisory s.r.o. has prepared a valuation and financial plan for GreeenTech, a company that manufactures ground-breaking hydroponic containers for growing herbs, vegetables and small fruits anywhere in the world and exhibited at this year’s Expo 2020 Dubai, among other events. This technology start-up, founded by Dmitrij Lipovskiy, Karolína Pumprová and Milan Souček,…

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  • Renewable resources in the Czech Republic

    31. 3. 2022 Jiří Hlaváč

    ESG, Green Deal, carbon neutrality, renewable energy sources. These are the terms which have been forming the future of energy sector. From the perspective of the installed capacity in the Czech Republic, this article has presented an analysis of the current status of renewable resources with the focus on their individual types and geographical arrangement.…

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  • The Supreme Court of the CR has taken a surprising position on defining the business activity of business corporations

    14. 6. 2021 Jiří Hlaváč

    In its ruling on Case 27 Cdo 3549/2020, the Supreme Court of the CR, reached the surprising conclusion that an arrangement of articles of incorporation or statutes according to which the business activity of a business corporation is only unqualified (notifiable) trade, i.e. “production, trade and services not stated in Supplements 1 and 3 of the…

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  • No. of M&A transactions on Czech market down to 69 in 2020

    12. 2. 2021 Jiří Hlaváč

    Prague, Jan 25 (CTK) – The Czech mergers and acquisitions market showed declines in both the volume and number of transactions in 2020, with a total of 69 deals carried out in 2020 as opposed to 92 the previous year, according to data from consulting company TPA and the Mergermarket database. The purchase price was disclosed in…

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  • Amendment to the Law on Valuation and its implementing decrees

    5. 2. 2021 Tomáš Podškubka

    Last year saw an amendment to the Law on Asset Valuation (No. 151/1997 Coll.) and its implementing decrees, effective as of 1. 1. 2021. The main new development is a refinement of the procedure for estimating the open market value and implementation of the possibility to appraise market value. The Law on Valuation deals with…

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  • Appraising fund assets and liabilities in real value

    14. 1. 2021 Tomáš Podškubka

    With the amendment to accounting regulations, an obligation was laid down as of 1. 1. 2021 to appraise fund assets and liabilities in fair value (real value) following international accounting standards (IFRS). Still prior to this change, funds had to appraise the value of their assets and liabilities regularly, i.e. to fix their net asset…

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  • The obligation for a debtor to file an insolvency proposal has been postponed to the end of June 2021

    27. 11. 2020 Jiří Hlaváč

    In the controversial Act No. 460/2020 Coll., which was published in the Collection of Acts on 12.11.2020, suspension of debtor obligation to file an insolvency proposal was extended to the end of June 2021. The amendment was passed by the Chamber of Deputies (in the same way as the so-called lex covid in spring) in…

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  • Pre-packaged reorganization – workshop

    9. 10. 2020 Jiří Hlaváč

    On Wednesday 7. 10. 2020, we conducted and online workshop for those interested on the theme of Pre-packaged Reorganization. Together with invited attorneys and insolvency administrators with special permission, we presented the main benefits of this manner of settling bankruptcies and individual aspects connected with pre-packaged reorganization. With consideration to continuing restrictions connected with the…

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  • The value of mergers and acquisitions fell in the quarter to the lowest level since 2009

    3. 7. 2020 Ludmila Benešová

    According to a report published by the Czech News Agency (ČTK), the value of mergers and acquisitions fell in the quarter to the lowest level since 2009. Commenting on this issue, TPA Valuation & Advisory partner Jiří Hlaváč told ČTK that in Europe in general, including the Czech Republic, a significantly slower decline in transactions…

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