Taxes and accounting

  • COVID – Gastro – Closed facilities

    4. 2. 2021 Petr Karpeles

    The program is designated for entrepreneurs (individuals or corporations) , whose performance of business activity has directly been limited on the basis of government measures from 14. 10. 2020 and who have employees or so-called “co-operating self-employed persons” (in Czech: “spolupracující OSVČ”). The program pertains to applicants who have been affected by crisis measures, thus…

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  • COVID-Rent III

    4. 2. 2021 Petr Karpeles

    The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect many fields of business, which is why the Ministry of Trade and Industry has prepared the third proclamation in the context of the COVID Rent program. Applications for support in the context of the 3rd proclamation will be accepted from 1. 2. 2021 and will be accepted until 1.…

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  • Abolition of the super-gross salary from 2021

    23. 12. 2020 Jana Vítková

    On 22 December 2020, the Members of Parliament approved an amendment to the Income Tax Act, which, among other things, introduces the abolition of the so-called super-gross salary. This means that the tax base for income from employment will be only gross income, i.e. without the increase in social and health insurance contributions paid by…

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  • TPA has succeeded in the Accounting Firm of the Year 2020 competition

    2. 12. 2020 Ludmila Benešová

    TPA, a leading consultancy company operating in the areas of taxes, keeping accounts and audits, has been placed among the three best participants in the Accounting Firm of the Year 2020 competition, which awards companies and individuals operating in the area of accounting. The ceremonial announcement of the results of this year took place in…

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  • Special Edition on COVID-19, no. 26

    4. 11. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    We would like to inform you about the following Government measures taken with respect to the COVID 19 in the Czech Republic. Crisis care-giver’s allowance – currently The proposal by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the crisis care-giver’s allowance underwent the approval process at the Chamber of Deputies and Senate during a…

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  • Broadened circle of businesses who can utilize new tax reliefs

    30. 10. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    On 15th October, we informed you that the Ministry of Finance disclosed, in Financial newsletter no. 22/2020 a series of new tax reliefs. A fundamentally new development is the deferral of tax obligations to those entrepreneurs whose activities have been immediately limited by government measures. In the Minister of Finance’s ruling, the circle of affected…

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  • Special Edition on COVID-19, no. 24

    29. 10. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    Covid rent II Further subsidy programs have once again been activated in connection with closed retail and service facilities. The first of these is Covid rent II, which will concern all affected sectors. For anyone who had to close their facilities, the Covid rent II summons takes effect as of 22nd October. Compensation will amount…

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  • Special Edition on COVID-19, no. 23

    23. 10. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    Crisis care-giver’s allowance Primary schools were closed on 14th October due to special measures in the CR, by which many parents have a claim to a care-giver’s allowance. The government passed the so-called care-giver’s allowance, which will undergo the passing process in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate next week. What are the parameters…

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  • Abolition of real property transfer tax and the impact on the structure of real estate transactions on the Czech market

    20. 10. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    In September, Act No. 386/2020 coll. was declared, by which, among others, real property transfer tax (a form of the previous real estate transfer tax) was excised from the Czech tax system. Whilst among individuals this benefit has partially been “redeemed” by other disadvantages (e.g. tightening the test for exemption of real property sales from…

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  • Planned changed in the area of property amortization

    12. 10. 2020 Petr Karpeles

    In September 2020, The Budget Commission recommended not only that the Chamber of Deputies of the CR pass the government package for 2021, but likewise inserted its change proposals into it – among others, they concern changes in the area of property amortization. These are intended to support entrepreneurial subject investment. One of the proposed…

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