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Best of Realty 2022

16. 11. 2022Ludmila Benešová

We participated in the gala evening on the occasion of the announcement of the “Nejlepší z realit – Best of Realty” competition results.

During the gala evening at Prague’s Forum Karlin on Tuesday 15th November, the results were announced and awards were given for the best projects in the Czech real estate market for the past year. The winners of the 24th edition of the “Best of Realty” competition were decided by a nine-member expert jury headed by Tomáš Drtina, Vice President of the Association for Real Estate Market Development (ARTN). Out of the fifty nominees, this year’s awards went to projects across the Czech Republic. The traditional glass trophy went, for example, to České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Kojetín, Lipno nad Vltavou, Opočno, Ostrava, Prague and Pilsen.

In the traditionally most strongly represented category of residential projects, 22 candidates were nominated this year. In the category of larger-scale residential projects, the winner was the Molo Lipno Residence project in Lipno nad Vltavou. The jury highlighted its exceptional architecture and quality workmanship. It meets the specific requirements of residents and visitors to the area with its well thought-out details of the apartments and common areas. The residential complex is not only thanks to its layout, but also thanks to the 150-metre-long observation pier topped with a restaurant, becoming an impressive dominant feature of the city and creating a new centre.

Petr Karpeles, Jan Lamač, Lenka Polanská and Jana Vítková attended the event on behalf of TPA.

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