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CEDEM 2022

27. 9. 2022Ludmila Benešová

TPA Group is once again one of the sponsors of the largest events in the area of real estate investments in Central and South-eastern Europe.

What does the future hold for the real estate sector?

It is not easy to predict what to expect in the real estate sector in 2022, especially in light of recent developments. COVID has now taken a back seat, the main focus is on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, energy prices are skyrocketing and inflation is reaching high levels. Underlying macroeconomic risks appear to depend on the scale of the war. Are these risks unpredictable? What are the potential impacts on the real estate market?

This year’s 23rd CEDEM Real Estate Investment Summit addressed these very issues, focusing on key real estate sectors and upcoming plans to make the necessary changes in the short term while taking into account long-term planning.

The aim of CEDEM 2022 is to bring together top real estate professionals and leading experts from the Czech Republic and Europe for a day of dynamic and stimulating discussions and quality networking.

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