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Are you purchasing software? Do you use cloud computing?

19. 4. 2023Kateřina Mikulková

We live in a world of online applications, software, cloud and other IT technologies. Czech and international accounting and tax legislation is trying to keep up with the constant development of this intangible field of skills, so to speak. In this year’s second issue of Auditor magazine, which focuses on the area of intangible assets, our colleague Kateřina Mikulková discusses how it succeeds in doing so in an article on the tax and accounting context of intangible assets: software.

The article guides you through the main consequences that can arise when accounting for software and also the concept of software as a service, much discussed in recent years, which companies encounter when they use cloud computing. The next part of the article is devoted to the tax implications of software, including the consequences that may arise in the area of international taxation. An example is the acquisition of software within a multinational group of companies or from a foreign supplier. The full text can be found HERE.

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