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Changes in care-giver’s allowance in connection with special epidemic measures

1. 6. 2021Ludmila Benešová

If your child could not go to school due to its closure under a government order due to special measures, only another member of the family could take care of this child until now. Thus the condition was that the person who requested a care-giver’s allowance lived together with the child in one household.

As of 30. 4. 2021, it is newly possible for relatives in the front or side lines to take care of the child. Only ancestors and descendants that originate one from the other – therefore mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, son and daughter, grandson and granddaughter or members with the prefix great-, as the case may be – are among members in the family frontline. Members from the side-lines of family relatives include all those who have the same ancestor but do not originate one from the other – for instance, therefore, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Providing a care-giver’s allowance is conditioned by completion of a declaration of honour by the care-giver stating that he/she fulfils the condition of family relation and shared the household for the duration of the given care.

Another change concerns the welfare amount which an employee receives for providing childcare during the epidemic. As of 1st March 2021, the care-giver’s allowance has been increased retroactively from 70 % of the reduced basis of assessment to 80 %. If it occurred that the compensation for the period of March 2021 was still paid out at the amount of 70 % of the reduced daily basis of assessment, the Czech Social Security Administration will retroactively pay out the balance to 80 % of the reduced daily basis of assessment without the necessity of further requests.

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