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COVID – Gastro – Closed facilities

4. 2. 2021Petr Karpeles

The program is designated for entrepreneurs (individuals or corporations) , whose performance of business activity has directly been limited on the basis of government measures from 14. 10. 2020 and who have employees or so-called “co-operating self-employed persons” (in Czech: “spolupracující OSVČ”).

The program pertains to applicants who have been affected by crisis measures, thus – whose turnover has decreased in view of limitation of business activity, and this for the 4th Quarter 2020, provided that the turnover decrease was by at least 30 % (in the event of commencement of enterprise after 1st October 2019, the period is compared as against the 3rd Quarter 2020). A condition for drawing support will be that the applicant does not end their activity within the deadline of at least three months from gaining the support.

  • Conditions for drawing

The subsidy is provided for operational expenses and the maintenance of entrepreneurial activities such as personal expenses, expenses for material, services (incl. leasing, for instance), amortization, tax and fees, loan repayment, fixed costs etc.

  • Maximum support amount

The support amount is CZK 400 per employee and the day over which activity has been limited on the basis of government measures. Calculations also include employees operating in the given sector (and/or cooperating self-employed persons and/or executives with a contract for the performance of an executive function) who have been reported at the Czech Social Security Administration for insurance premium payment as at 31st October. In the case of employees on part or short-time work, the applicant includes the applicable coefficient as a conversion to full-time work.

The applicable period is 9. 10. 2020 – 10. 1. 2021, compensation will be provided for the days over which the pertinent facilities were closed during this period.

Acceptance of applications was commenced on 18. 1. 2021 and continues until 16h00, 1. 3. 2020.

The manner for filing the application is via the information system accessible from the Portál AIS MPO portal.

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