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Jana Skálová has again been elected to the Presidium of the Chamber of Tax Advisors

18. 11. 2021Ludmila Benešová

Jana Skálová (TPA) was elected as one of nine members of the Presidium of the Chamber of Tax Advisors for the period 2021-2024. At the 29th regular Annual General Meeting, the Chamber of Tax Advisors also elected the president and vice-president. Petra Pospíšilová successfully defended her post as president and Petr Toman was elected as vice-president.

The mission of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic is to support tax consultancy, bring together tax advisors, protect and advance their justified interests, secure a professional level of tax consultancy services and conduct qualifying examinations of candidates for the profession of tax advisor and their preparation for this qualifying examination.

“The Bulletin of the Chamber of Tax Advisors, whose editorial board I headed in the last term, undoubtedly serves to raise the professional level of tax advisors. My colleagues have expressed their confidence in me for another three years,” said Jana Skálová on her election to the Presidium.

The Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic is an autonomic professional organization of tax advisors. Its existence is given by Act No. 523/1992 Coll. on tax consultancy and the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic. This Act adjusts the position and activity of tax advisors and the activity of the Chamber as such. It currently brings together 4, 835 tax advisors and registers 1, 057 tax consultancy companies.

The CTA CR especially protects and advances the justified interests of tax advisors, forms the prerequisites for increasing their qualifications and professional level, supervises the proper performance of tax consultancy and directs the activity of tax advisors in accordance with legal regulations. (source:

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