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The consulting firm TPA has launched Tax-Checker: A new tool for tax orientation in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe

31. 5. 2023Ludmila Benešová

The leading consulting firm TPA has launched a new website, It was created to help entrepreneurs and investors in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe navigate through all their tax obligations. Through a range of intuitively designed features, users can easily find information related to VAT, income tax, filing deadlines, tax rates, tax reliefs, and measures to prevent double taxation. Additionally, tax advisory services and support regarding tax laws in individual countries are available.

Overview of tax systems in 12 CEE countries

The current developments in Central and Eastern European countries are accompanied by ongoing changes in their tax systems. For investors, this means frequent changes that require constant orientation. Therefore, the TPA Group has launched the tax-checker website as a tax management tool and comprehensive source of information on the tax systems of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Hungary.

“The TPA Group has been providing tax and advisory services in Central and Eastern European countries for a long time. As a result, we are aware of how challenging it is to maintain a constant overview of the tax systems in each country. Despite the increasing interconnection of European markets, tax obligations vary significantly. Until now, there has been a lack of a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information that would guide through all the obligations and requirements that need to be fulfilled in individual countries. These differences often discourage many entrepreneurs from expanding into foreign markets. Navigating through constantly changing regulations is truly time-consuming and often requires almost detective-like abilities. I believe that with this tool, we have made the work easier for many entrepreneurs and investors,” said Petr Karpeles, partner at TPA, regarding the new website for comparing tax systems.

Advanced search capabilities, country-specific details, and tax advisory in one place

The website was developed in collaboration with tax advisors who provide their services in CEE countries on a daily basis. The specialized search engine offers customizable search functions for the most relevant information related to VAT, income tax, tax rates, and important deadlines. Comparative analysis will assist in strategic decision-making by comparing taxes, tax rates, and specific regulations from different markets and jurisdictions. Additionally, the website provides access to professional advisory services and support from a team of tax professionals.



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