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Special Edition on COVID-19, no. 24

29. 10. 2020Petr Karpeles

Covid rent II

Further subsidy programs have once again been activated in connection with closed retail and service facilities. The first of these is Covid rent II, which will concern all affected sectors. For anyone who had to close their facilities, the Covid rent II summons takes effect as of 22nd October. Compensation will amount to 50 % of the last three monthly rent payments. In contrast to the spring version of the program, the 30 % discount requirement from the landlord has fallen away. It still, however, applies that when filing a request, the party interested in a subsidy has to prove that at least half the rent has been paid.

Important information:

  • The applicable period for which support will be provided is for the months of July, August and September 2020.
  • The support amount is 50 % of the applicable rent for the applicable monthly period.
  • The landlord’s participation in the form of a discount on rent is not required.
  • Verification of the applicant’s identity will take place via an electronic identity medium.

Who can request support?

All entrepreneurs (corporations or individuals) who have been affected by the crisis measures. For the purposes of drawing support through this program, the tenant and landlord are not to be kin or in a relationship of controlled or controlling persons or a part of a consolidated group. In order for support to be granted, it is required that the support applicant has paid at least 50 % of the rent prior to filing the request.

Postponement of electronic register of sales to 1. 1. 2023

The deputies passed the proposal by the Ministry of Finance to postpone all four phases of electronic register of sales to 1st January 2023. The amendment of the Act on register of sale is now going to the Senate.

Entrepreneurs who wish to register their sales voluntarily can continue to do so. The Ministry of Finance has taken this step based on careful scrutiny of the most current health situation, the prospects of economic development and consultation with all entrepreneurial unions, associations and chambers.

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