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Special Edition on COVID-19, no. 26

4. 11. 2020Petr Karpeles

We would like to inform you about the following Government measures taken with respect to the COVID 19 in the Czech Republic.

Crisis care-giver’s allowance – currently

The proposal by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the crisis care-giver’s allowance underwent the approval process at the Chamber of Deputies and Senate during a state of legislative emergency, and was also signed by the President of the CR.


  • On the webpages of the ePortál of the Czech Administration of Social Security (hereafter to be referred to as “ČSSZ”), the employee will complete and entirely new interactive form, “Žádost o ošetřovné při péči o dítě za kalendářní měsíc, ve kterém bylo uzavřeno výchovné zařízení (škola) či jeho část” (Request for a care-giver’s allowance whilst caring for a child for a calendar month during which an educational establishment (school) or its part was closed) (
  • For the formation of the new interactive form on the ČSSZ ePortál, a request number will newly be generated directly in an electronic form, and it has to be remembered for easy identification when communicating with the ČSSZ and also in the event that the special measures last in further periods, when this number will have to be entered on a form for the subsequent calendar month.
  • The completed and signed request is to be electronically sent by the employee (with a guaranteed electronic signature or data box), or scanned (photocopied) and sent by the employer via email (without a guaranteed electronic signature or submitted physically (by post)).


  • After receiving the filled and signed request, the employer is to add its records on the form from the employee or is to fill a separate form on the ČSSZ ePortál, “Záznamy zaměstnavatele k žádosti o ošetřovné při péči o dítě z důvodu uzavření výchovného zařízení” (Employer’s records to the request for a care-giver’s allowance whilst caring for a child due to education facility closure) (
  • The employer submits the duly filled forms to the pertinent Regional Social Security Administration (Okresni správa sociálního zabezpčení – OSSZ) electronically (with a guaranteed signature or data box).
  • The employer scans and submits the duly physically filled forms to the pertinent Regional Social Security Administration (Okresni správa sociálního zabezpčení – OSSZ) electronically (with a guaranteed signature or data box).

How much?

  • The care-giver’s allowance amount has newly been increased to 70 % of the daily contribution basis; the minimum daily benefit is CZK 400.

Can one take turns in childcare?

  • Yes, but only on condition that the turn-taking will not be in the course of the same day.

Program Antivirus – current changes

As we already informed you in the previous newsletter, the government has approved the extension of the Antivirus A program until the end of this year, i.e. until 31. 12. 2020. Antivirus A continues to focus on employees who are in quarantine.

Newly, you may encounter the Antivirus Plus (regime A plus) label, which concerns firms which have to close or significantly limit operations on the basis of government rulings, and in this case the contribution has been raised.

Antivirus A parameters: This remains at 80% salary compensation / maximum CZK 39K per employee in quarantine.

Antivirus Plus parameters: As of 1. 10 2020, the contribution is 100 % salary compensation / maximum CZK 50K per employee.

Antivirus B, in which the state contributes towards compensation of salary in businesses on which coronavirus has made an impact indirectly (for instance, through drops in sales or delivery of inputs) has been extended until the end of the year, i.e. 31. 12. 2020.

Antivirus B parameters: This remains at 60% salary compensation / maximum CZK 29K per employee.

Recommencement of the compensation bonus

In expedited proceedings, the parliament passed the Minister of Finance’s proposal for the recommencement of the compensation bonus for self-employed persons (OSVČ), partners of small public limited companies (s.r.o.) and employees working on work agreements and who are active in currently limited economic sectors.

For which period will the bonus be paid?

  • The bonus period copies the state of emergency, i.e. from 5th October to 4th November 2020, with the possibility of automatic extension.

How much is the bonus?

  • CZK 500 for each day of closure, preclusion or limitation of enterprise.

Who is entitled?

  • Self-employed persons (OSVČ) and small public limited companies (s.r.o.) (at the most with two partners or family-owned public limited companies) for each day of immediate ban on or limitation of enterprise as a result of government restrictions.
  • Self-employed persons or small public limited companies which are linked to closed businesses or directly connected, either by long-term supplier-customer relationships (restaurants – raw material suppliers), or whose activity is inherently connected with a closed facility (theatre – actor, gym – fitness trainer). The decisive conditions for recognition of this bonus include the limitation of this activity by at least 80 %; likewise, this form of livelihood has to represent the dominant income and no easy form of its compensation must exist.
  • Employees performing work on the basis of agreements for the performance of a work assignment or on the basis of work performance agreements, and who have lost this income at an entrepreneur immediately affected by a ban or limitation from the side of the state.
    They have to prove that they participated in sickness insurance as employees and this over a period of at least 3 out of the 4 preceding months (i.e. from 1st June to 30th September 2020).

What are the drawing conditions?

  • A condition for drawing the compensation bonus is dominant entrepreneurial activity in a field that was limited as a result of government restrictions in the context of the state of emergency declared on 5th October 2020. Newly, however, concurrency with employment will not be scrutinized, but only the so-called source of livelihood for the period of 1st June to 30th September 2020.
  • At the same time, one cannot draw direct aid from the other state programs (such as COVID Culture).
  • The applicant must not be on unemployment welfare during the given period.

Where and when can one apply for the bonus?

  • The request will be filed at the locally pertinent financial authority.
  • The request form will be published on the financial authority web after the close of the legislative process. Only then will it be possible to send requests.
  • Requests can be made until two months after the end of the bonus period at the latest.
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