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The Antivirus Program

18. 3. 2021Ludmila Benešová

The Antivirus Program has been extended to 30. 4. 2021, but only for those employers who accept changes stemming from Cabinet Resolution No. 186/2021.

Certain conditions, for which allowances are granted, have changed; see below. These changes will be implemented into agreements closed after 28. 2. 2021 – in the form of a supplement to the agreement. This will be generated by the pertinent web application. In the event that the written supplement taking into account the stated changes is not closed, the expense eligibility period will have ended on 28. 2. 2021. An employer who newly enters into the program is to close with the Labour Office of the CR a written agreement in which the pertinent changes will be implemented.

The subject of the change is an increase in the limit of the maximal support amount provided in the context of Program A Plus (newly to a maximum of CZK 50,000/monthly/employee), and this where allowances provided for the months of February onwards are at issue.

As of March, the allowance can be provided only for an employee whose employment status has lasted for at least 3 months on the submission date of the statement.

Another change is the broadening of the circle of reasons for the rise of work obstacles for which an employer is eligible for an allowance in regime A or A Plus (e.g. the passing of the pandemic law).

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