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Aid to foster families

19. 7. 2021Ludmila Benešová

A tornado hit Hodonínsko and Břeclavsko regions on Thursday 24th June. A wave of solidarity arose immediately, and both professionals and many volunteers set off to the affected municipalities, where many families were literally left without a roof over their heads.

On the one hand, the situation today is somewhat quieter, but far sadder and more depressing on the other hand. Firefighters in Hrušky na Břeclavsku are demolishing the last ruined house. The demolitions are going to continue in Mikulčice and Moravská Nová Ves. Where are families without homes to go? This question did not leave us cold either, and our company decided to aid foster families which care for children that have been entrusted to them and have now in many cases lost everything. TPA contributed an amount of CZK 150,000 to the Rozum a Cit (tr. Sense and Sensibility) foundation, with which it has been working for a long time and which has 8 foster families in the region affected by the tornado. The foundation workers know exactly where to direct aid and who needs it more, which is why we believe that our contribution will reach the right hands.

If our initiative has captured your interest and you wish to help specific people and abandoned children, you can follow in our footsteps:

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