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Special TPA Award for the best annual report won by Nadace ČEZ (tr. ČEZ Fund)

31. 12. 2020Ludmila Benešová

Several different awards have been announced annually in the context of the Czech TOP 100 ladder. In the evaluation of the best annual reports and company magazines, the Special TPA Award for the non-profit sector was won by Nadace ČEZ, which in the context of its activities especially supports the activity of children, youths and disabled co-citizens. The award is usually given regularly at a gala meeting, although this could not take place this year due to the effective epidemiological measures, which is why the announcement took place online.

 “When reading the Nadace ČEZ annual report, you can envision how many specific fates have been influenced by provided contributions and in what manner. The aid was highly varied with a view to the specific area, age group and contribution amount. In the number or realized projects, one can see the extent of the effort made by the Nadace workers to ensure that the funds really reach the necessary places. At the same time, they also do not neglect the presentation of Nadace. The annual report has been compiled very clearly, with the pertinent information expected by the reader, and in an eye-pleasing graphic form,” explained Markéta Schück, TPA partner, with reference to the choice.

Nadace ČEZ has been working since 2002 and aims its support especially towards the activities of children and youths, aid for the disabled, education support, removing barriers and likewise towards active cooperation with regions. Nadace projects include Oranžové hřiště (tr. Orange playground) which helps to build safe and modern playgrounds, or Oranžová učebna (tr. Orange classroom), focused on improving teaching equipment, especially in technical subjects. Nadace also actively participates in support of regions and especially publically beneficial projects in areas such as education, culture, science and research or the environment.

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