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The Gentleman’s Firm – interview

11. 2. 2021Ludmila Benešová

In January we informed you about the winner of the Gentleman’s Firm 2020 award. We now bring to you an interview with Rostislav Kuneš, member of the Gentleman’s Firm Committee, who personally participated in a visit to the ERA-PACK company.

What was the main reason for the victory of ERA-PACK in the Gentleman’s Firm of the Year 2021 competition?

The company employs 106 people who are disabled, of which the bulk majority are on disability welfare or are mentally disabled. For these people, inclusion into normal working life is very complicated.

Can you give specific examples of help to the disabled?

Because these are people who are without working habits from the outset, they often have distorted ideas as to what they could do. ERA-PACK thus endeavours to find a suitable work position for a given person. Over time, even these employees can work their ways up to managerial positions. They are thus able to empathize in the positions of their subordinates and organize their work.

The also appreciate the great independence of the company. They manufacture everything they can and don’t purchase simple semi-manufactured goods. In this way, work is also ensured for less qualified employees.

Further, it’s no exception that 2-3 employees work part-time on one work position. People with health disabilities mostly can’t handle working for 8 hours daily, and in this way they have the possibility to work as much as they’re able to.

If an employee leaves for another employment situation, ERA-PACK is pleased that these people can further advance their careers and take care of themselves.

Helping the bankrupt is also important. The company lawyer helps them with debt relief.

What other activities in the area of social responsibility and philanthropy would you also like to mention?

ERA-PACK has been supporting league futsal for 20 years. FK ERA-PACK Chrudim is the 14-time master of the 1st FUTSAL league and the 10-time winner of the FACR cup. Thanks to this sport, the town of Chrudim is also known abroad. Further, support of cycling and other minor sports is not missing either.

The company also contributed to building a surgical admissions unit at Chrudim Hospital.

Note: The photograph was taken prior to the obligation to wear masks indoors.

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