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TPA donated a financial gift of CZK 100,000 to Nadační fond Rozum a Cit to support foster family care

4. 11. 2022Ludmila Benešová

TPA Consulting Company has donated a financial gift of CZK 100,000 to Nadační fond Rozum a Cit (the Rozum a Cit Foundation). The Rozum a Cit Foundation focuses on all-round assistance to foster families with the aim of enabling children to grow up in a safe, natural and stimulating environment. Part of the funds will go to four families to cover the cost of braces, glasses, eye therapy, sports equipment for the playroom, equipment for the children’s room and other needs for the children. Part of the financial donation will also be used for the operation and development of the Rozum a Cit Foundation.

“We are happy to be in long-term contact with the Rozum a Cit Foundation and to contribute through the organization to foster families providing loving care to children who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Creating a loving home and a stable background for children requires a lot of effort, a sensitive approach and, last but not least, entails considerable financial costs. With a financial donation we would like to support foster families and facilitate their everyday functioning,” says Rostislav Kuneš, a TPA partner who received this year’s Donors’ Forum Award for his significant personal support and assistance to children at risk. Since 2017, he has annually been organizing charity tastings and auctions of rare wines on behalf of his project RAREWINE. The proceeds are subsequently donated to the Rozum a Cit Foundation, for which he has already managed to raise 663 thousand CZK.

The Rozum a Cit Foundation has been helping abandoned children and foster families since 1996. Foster families are the only chance for many children from institutions to spend their childhood and adolescence in a foster family. Thanks to them, the children get to know a safe home and valuable role models of a mother, father and siblings. In this way, they can gain an irreplaceable emotional bond with another person, and this is the greatest contribution to the future independent life of these children. The foundation supports the foster families financially, but also by organizing various events.

“Foster families create a loving home with respect for the past of the entrusted children and a positive outlook for their future. Their approach is empathetic to all parties and they meet the needs of the children entrusted to them very responsibly. The children in the families are guided to fulfil their daily responsibilities and to spend their free time actively. Thanks to daily care and a stable background, they are naturally prepared for independence and involvement in everyday life. The children have a strong relationship and strong emotional bond with their foster parents and we are very happy for any contribution that will make everyday life much easier for the foster families,” commented Marie Řezníková, Director of the Rozum a Cit Foundation.

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