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TPA donated CZK 35,000 to equip the Cesta těhotenstvím (tr. Journey through Pregnancy) counselling centre in the context of Giving Tuesday

30. 11. 2021Ludmila Benešová

In the context of Giving Tuesday, the TPA consultancy company, a leading provider of services in the area of tax consultancy and audit, donated CZK 35,000 to Dlaň životu (tr. Palm to Life), a common benefit organization. This money was used to equip the new premises of the Cesta těhotenstvím counselling centre in Ostrava, where it moved during the month of October.

The donated funds in the amount of CZK 35 000 served to equip the office and consultation room of the counselling centre with cabinets, tables, chairs and a sofa and partially covered the cost of the carpet. In addition to its financial donation, TPA also made a material donation in the form of 4 used laptops, which will help improve the technical facilities of the counselling centre.

“Helping where it is needed is our long-term goal and we are always most pleased with targeted assistance whose results we can see. We have been cooperating with the Dlaň životu common benefit organisation for a long time and support them financially and materially according to their current needs. That is also why we are very pleased that, thanks to the amount they received from us this year as part of Giving Tuesday, they were able to equip the new office of the Cesta těhotenství counselling centre so that it is client-friendly and clients feel as comfortable as possible there,” said Rostislav Kuneš, General Director of TPA, on the donation.

The common benefit organization Dlaň životu was founded in 2002, and since the beginning it has focused on aiding pregnant women who have found themselves in a difficult life situation. It operates the Asylum House for pregnant women in distress in Hamry u Hlinska and likewise provides counselling and other services in the area of family support.

Giving Tuesday is an international holiday of giving and volunteering that falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this year on 30th November. Last year, more than 230 appeals in the Czech Republic alone were involved in the project, in the context of which more than CZK 73 million was donated. Worldwide, the campaign was conducted in 75 countries, with total proceeds reaching USD 2,470 million.

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