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TPA has donated CZK 50,000 to help Marek

19. 2. 2020Ludmila Benešová

Aid for Marek, diagnosed at the age of nine with “Locked-in” syndrome, is a voluntary collection by Konta Bariéry for healthcare aids and alleviating services for Mark and his family.

Mark has been unable to communicate verbally since his organism was attacked by the treacherous encephalitis virus. He is relegated to breathing machines and the help of his surroundings, although he is fully conscious, understands and remembers. Mark’s state of health requires constant monitoring, he communicates only by blinking and care for him is extremely demanding both physically and psychologically.

 “I had been distantly acquainted with Mark’s dad even before his son fell ill. His illness has fundamentally changed the situation of their entire family. I’m pleased that I, together with my colleagues from TPA, decided to support Mark’s family at least with this amount,” says Jiří Hlaváč, TPA partner.

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