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TPA has donated CZK 60,000 to Společenství Dobromysl, the operator of a weekly care centre

23. 8. 2021Ludmila Benešová

The TPA consultancy company has this year, too, financially aided the Dobromysl non-profit organization, to which it regularly directs its aid. The financial donation of CZK 60,000 will be utilized for the repair of the former stable roofs, where the care centre clients care for farm animals. Changing the roof covering will contribute towards increasing the safety of its clients and employees.

“We have been aiding Společenství Dobromysl regularly for several years, and the financial contributions for the running of the care centre have become a pleasant tradition of ours. I am pleased that we can in this way contribute towards the operation of facilities which help people with chronic psychological illnesses and help the mentally and combined disabled lead a full life,” said Petr Karpeles, TPA partner, concerning the donation.

Společenství Dobromysl is a non-profit organization which was established in 2000. It is the owner of the Srbeč Chateau, a protected monument site on the borderline of the Rakovník and Kladno counties, where it operates a weekly care centre. The clients here are led towards the development of physical and social abilities and skills, with maximum understanding towards the abilities of each individual. Since 2013, part of the care centre includes the Dobromysl information and cultural centre, with a cafe which serves, on workdays, as a training work centre for care centre users.

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